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Stuff - Business
  • Auckland construction firm requires proof of vaccination for site access new
  • Interest rates rise: Some borrowers' interest costs will double new
  • Warehouse Group to give $100 to staff who get Covid vaccine new
  • House fires surge hits Tower's bottom line new
  • Avoid Chinese smart phones, Lithuania says new
  • 'A minute to scan each item': Supermarket agony as tech glitch hits South Island stores new
  • 'This bloody almighty bang': power surge rips through Otago town. new
  • NZX 50 gains as Evergrande sentiment improves new
  • 450 foreign mariners to go through MIQ before joining NZ fishing boats new
  • Leikesi Childern basketball
  • Property developers seek judicial review over Havelock North development new
  • Expect more retirement villages in Waikato new
  • Senior Google exec who NZTE helped move to NZ reportedly 'sidelined' new
  • 'Ute tax' delayed until April as a result of Delta outbreak new
  • Iwi withdraws opposition to proposed West Coast mine new
  • Claim that Kiwis paying for pre-departure Covid-19 tests are being ripped off 
  • Investors, the decade of change starts now 
  • Saving money, the silver lining of alert level 4 lockdown 
  • How to manage employees who work remotely 
  • Here's what small businesses need to know about iOS15 
  • Lockdown is no excuse for careless, rushed redundancies 
  • Today's the day for takeaways Auckland 
  • Booze baron's company stripped of liquor licences after underpaying staff new
  • Top Auckland lawyer guilty of misconduct over 'cashie' offer new

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  • Computer vision-powered workplace safety systems could lead to bias and other harms 
  • Mid-sized companies are turning to low-code/no-code platforms, study finds new
  • LinkedIn’s Top Startups of 2021 spotlights the enterprise data stack new
  • Google Cloud research credits expand to nonprofits new
  • How a focus on mental health wins consumer loyalty and trust (VB Live) new
  • Loft Labs promises self-service Kubernetes access for all developers new
  • Software AI accelerators: AI performance boost for free new
  • Osano, a data compliance platform, raises $11M new
  • Plus’s Level 4 autonomous trucking technology speeds transition to sustainable commercial transport new
  • Leikesi basketball
  • LabGenius Appoints Dr. Didier Landais as Chief Operating Officer new
  • 2 million malicious emails bypassed secure email defenses over 12 months new
  • Portal Raises $8.5M From Coinbase Ventures and Other Investors to Bring Bitcoin-based DeFi to the Ma 
  • Project44 acquires last-mile delivery startup Convey for $255M 
  • Advanced Farm Technologies Completes $25 Million Series B Funding Round 
  • Lindsay Angelillo Announced as Daversa Partners’ Newest Managing Director 
  • Enterprise NLP budgets are up 10% in 2021 
  • Slack launches new media sharing features and government tier 
  • Software supply chain management company Cloudsmith raises $15M 
  • EvoWalk stimulates nerves to help muscle-impaired people walk 
  • OneTrust acquires Tugboat Logic to automate InfoSec assurance and certification 
  • Open source services market on course to become $50B industry 
  • AI-powered disinformation detection platform Blackbird nabs $10M 
  • Kena: Bridge of Spirits review-in-progress — a magical adventure with action 

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    Vegconomist - the vegan business magazine
  • Sponsored Post Europe’s First Ever Plant Based World Expo to Showcase World-Leading Meat and Dairy A 
  • Heura Conquers Bullfighting Coliseum with Plant-Based Sausage and Chorizo Launches new
  • Millet Milk, Oleaginous Yeast & Functional Mung-Bean: Meet the Latest ProVeg Incubator Cohort new
  • Ripple Foods Raises $60 Million In Series E Funding, “Outpacing” Alt Dairy Category 3X new
  • “Mainstream Status”: One in Three Brits Now Drinking Plant-Based Milk as Oat Milk Tops the Charts 
  • UK Plant-Based Dog Food Specialist THE PACK Launches New Wet Food Range 
  • Leonardo DiCaprio Invests in Cell-Cultured Beef Leaders Mosa Meat and Aleph Farms new
  • Eat Just’s GOOD Meat Becomes Most Funded Cell-Cultured Company to Date with $267M Raised  
  • BlueNalu: “The World Needs a New Solution. BlueNalu Provides That New Solution” 
  • New Zealand Cranberry Honey
  • Clive’s Purely Plants: “Being Mission-Aligned With Our Investor Was Non-Negotiable. This is an Excit 
  • Sponsored Post Les Nouveaux Affineurs ramps up its international expansion 
  • Fazenda Futuro Enters Alt-Seafood Category With Plant-Based “Future Tuna” 
  • Schouten Launches Vegan Chicken Dippers as a Snack For Foodservice 
  • Argentina: Tomorrow Foods Raises $3M to Accelerate Protein Transition in the Region 
  • Change Foods Chases the “Holy Grail” of Vegan Foods, Moves to State-of-the-Art Facility 
  • Desserto Cactus Leather Announces BMW Collaboration 
  • MeaTech Group Produces 700g of Cell-Cultured Chicken Fat in One Production Run 
  • Finland: Wake Up and Smell the Cell-Cultured Coffee! 
  • Cell Cultured US Market Entry Edges Closer as USDA Seeks Comments on Labeling 
  • Wu-Tang’s RZA and Violife Announce 2021 Plant Grants Recipients 
  • Quorn Launches Vegan Dinosaur Nuggets, Finds Over Half of UK Families Would Consider Going Meat-Free 
  • UK: Vegan Category Receives Most Entries at British Pie Awards  
  • LG Buys Majority Stake in Vegan Hair Dye Brand Arctic Fox 

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