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  • COVID has now killed about as many Americans as the 1918 pandemic 
  • Volcano erupts on Spain's La Palma island, forcing evacuations 
  • Swarm of bees kills dozens of endangered African penguins 
  • Gottlieb says COVID origins may never be known 
  • Inspiration4 crew returns to Earth after historic flight 
  • Officials urge killing of invasive spotted lanternfly 
  • Artist turns seafloor into art by creating underwater museums 
  • First privately-funded trip to orbit going well, but few details released 
  • SpaceX launches all-civilian crew on Inspiration4 mission 
  • Leikesi Childern basketball
  • Ozone hole over Antarctica is 'larger than usual,' scientists say 
  • Researchers to study 'long COVID' in thousands of survivors 
  • Outcry after more than 1,400 dolphins killed in Faroe Islands 
  • Nicholas could bring 'life-threatening' flash floods to deep South 
  • Fossil of prehistoric land-roaming whale species is identified 
  • Stunning images capture rare 'megapod' of humpback whales 
  • The Taliban has robbed Afghan women of work, school and safety new
  • Some at American University of Afghanistan were evacuated, but not all new
  • Search resumes for fiancé after Gabby Petito's death ruled a homicide new
  • U.S. to donate 500 million more vaccine doses to global supply new
  • House clears stopgap measure to avert shutdown and suspend debt ceiling new
  • Many Haitian migrants at Texas border being released into U.S.: AP new
  • Trump sues niece and 3 reporters over story on his taxes new
  • 'Sex and the City' actor Willie Garson has died at 57 new

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    Guardian - Science
  • Mathematicians discover music really can be infectious – like a virus new
  • A new therapy for children who may have autism risks carrying a hidden cost new
  • Research suggests a diet rich in dairy fat may lower the risk of heart disease 
  • Einstein’s handwritten calculations for theory of relativity to be auctioned for €3m 
  • Trials begin on Covid booster jab hoped to protect against new variants 
  • ‘I felt this huge relief’: how antibody injections could free the immunosuppressed under Covid 
  • To mask or not to mask? Opinion split on London underground 
  • Ministers told to bar EU from UK trial data in vaccines row 
  • Scientists use AI to create drug regime for rare form of brain cancer in children new
  • Leikesi basketball
  • Two-legged dinosaurs may have swung tails to run faster, say scientists new
  • Genetics reveal how humans island-hopped to settle remote Pacific new
  • More microplastics in babies’ faeces than in adults’ – study new
  • My sci-fi novel about recreating an extinct species is becoming a reality – but even if we can, shou 
  • Your gas stove is polluting your own home. Go electric 
  • Rain fell on Greenland’s ice sheet for the first time ever known. Alarms should ring 
  • Does overhearing your spouse’s work calls put you on edge? Me too. I found out why 
  • Egg-freezing just got more attractive – but is it worth it? – podcast new
  • Jaws made us scared of sharks but is a lack of sharks scarier? – podcast 
  • Flu season: are we in for a bumpier ride this year? – podcast 
  • September full moon 2021: how to photograph the harvest moon on your phone or camera with the right 
  • Readers reply: why do humans cry when they are sad? 
  • Did you solve it? Russia’s Prime Minister sets a geometry puzzle new
  • Did you solve it? The magic of the Borromean rings new

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    Indipendent - Science
  • Oxford vaccine chief struggling to raise funding for non-Covid jabs new
  • Music ‘goes viral’ in ways similar to how infectious diseases spread new
  • Hoverflies navigate flying using sun and body clock, study finds new
  • Fix ‘grotesque’ vaccine inequity, campaigners tell world leaders 
  • Will another winter lockdown be needed? 
  • WHO holds crucial meetings to decide influenza strains for jab 
  • Scientists create glow-in-the-dark plants than can be charged by LED 
  • UK cuts will have ‘devastating impact’ on fight against HIV, say MPs 
  • Covid vaccine rollout for children aged 12-15 gets underway in England 
  • New Zealand Cranberry Honey
  • New tool identifies most at-risk groups after Covid vaccination 
  • Coral reefs and their benefits have declined by half since the 1950s 
  • Giant penguin fossil found by New Zealand children is new species 
  • What we know about waning immunity and Covid booster jabs 
  • The dinosaur-ending meteorite did much more to our planet 
  • What might the reintroduction of beavers mean for the our wild spaces? 
  • Is the world getting heavier and how many chemicals are there? 
  • Rare dinosaur skin reveals what famous carnivore really looked like 
  • JCVI members worried Covid booster decision ‘political, not clinical’ 
  • Butterflies infected with parasitic wasps released in blunder 
  • Mass return to office could see ‘rapid’ rise in Covid hospitalisations 
  • Snakes ‘evolved from survivors of dinosaur-killing asteroid’ 
  • Booster jabs to be offered to all over-50s and clinically vulnerable 
  • ‘Difficult winter’ looms for child vaccinations, flu jabs and boosters 

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  • Unethical? Unnecessary? The COVID-19 vaccine booster debate intensifies 
  • Having SARS-CoV-2 once confers much greater immunity than a vaccine—but vaccination remains vital 
  • Thanks to a bit of diamond smashing, practical room-temperature superconductivity could be close to 
  • Booster shot of J&J vaccine raises antibody levels, company says 
  • One-third of Sun-like stars may have eaten their planets 
  • COVID-19’s origins still uncertain, U.S. intelligence agencies conclude 
  • Maine’s ban on ‘forever chemicals’ marks a big win for some scientists 
  • Tiny diamond mirrors could smooth out already revolutionary x-ray lasers 
  • Amid pandemic disruptions, grad students push to unionize 
  • Learn English with free online resources
  • Podcast: New insights into endometriosis, predicting RNA folding, and the surprising career of the s 
  • Afghan scholars despair after Taliban’s takeover 
  • Unethical? Unnecessary? The booster debate intensifies 
  • Honesty study was based on fabricated data 
  • Scaled down, martian model habitat rises again in desert 
  • Looking to the Rockies for clues to water woes 
  • Baby bats babble, much like human infants 
  • How rattlesnakes fool you into thinking they’re right underfoot 
  • Like humans, cuttlefish can form complex memories 
  • Ancient supernovae might have upended Earth’s evolution 
  • These wasp nests give off one of the most powerful green glows in the animal kingdom 
  • Watch this chameleon robot blend in with its surroundings 
  • Watch female dragonflies wrestle away unwanted males in mid-air 
  • How scientists turned daddy longlegs into ‘daddy shortlegs’ 

  • update : 551.22 hours before , update period : 5.00 hours Id: 84, sequence:430

    Natural News
  • Sep 21st, 2021 - Washington State hiring 'strike teams' for COVID quarantine camps new
  • How to REGENERATE and heal your liver - Jonathan Landsman interviewed by Mike Adams new
  • Sep 20th - CDC, DoD running black ops missions to RELEASE pathogens across America 
  • The Evergrande ('EverSCAMMED') fiasco is nothing more than a classic Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme invo new
  • MEDICAL MURDER: Hospitals are killing health freedom advocates by denying them life-saving treatment new
  • Supply chain issues plaguing U.K., food shortages worsening new
  • Bill Gates and UNICEF aligned with terrorist Taliban involving U.S. taxpayer dollars new
  • Fauci says 3 shots needed for “full vaccination,” while the double-vaxxed will LOSE their vaccine pa new
  • Australian nurse says country on the brink of collapse due to understaffed and overworked healthcare new
  • INVASION: Biden administration processing thousands of unvaccinated Haitians and letting them loose new
  • Now vaccine-pushing scientists want to turn your GROCERIES into mRNA vaccines new
  • Biden hands Americans a death sentence by restricting COVID-19 medications new
  • Dr. Ryan Cole talks about how vitamin D, not vaccines, is the key to fighting COVID-19 – Brighteon.T new
  • Texas hospital on the verge of being shut down due to Biden’s vaccine mandate new
  • Jeffrey Prather accuses Biden administration of orchestrating one of the largest international weapo new
  • FACT CHECK: NIH doesn’t recommend ivermectin because its panel members have conflicting financial in new
  • Dr. Sherri Tenpenny reveals how to address Covid without relying on vaccines – Brighteon.TV new
  • RESISTANCE CHICKS: Michelle and Leah Svensson discuss the implications of the FDA rejecting Pfizer b new
  • Anti-vaccine mandate “Freedom Rally” in NYC draws in thousands of supporters new
  • Beloved Michigan weatherman FIRED after refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine new
  • Alabama joins 9 other states in supporting Florida’s “free speech law” protecting against Big Tech c new
  • Thousands of La Palma residents forced to evacuate after volcanic eruption new
  • WHISTLEBLOWER: Doctors prevented from treating COVID with hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, ‘lots of p new

  • update : 3.55 hours before , update period : 3.00 hours Id: 224, sequence:678

    MailOnline - Science
  • Winged microchip the size of a grain of SAND is the smallest human-made flying structure ever create new
  • Even GIRAFFES prefer a fair fight! Males only pick similar-sized opponents and abide by a strict 'co new
  • Babies have 10 TIMES more microplastics in their stools than adults - with bottles, toys and teether new
  • Does your child hate broccoli? Chemicals in their MOUTH may be to blame! Enzymes in brassica vegetab new
  • Can't shift a headache? Listen to this song! Nurofen develops a music track that it claims can reduc new
  • Has a new species of dinosaur been discovered? Triceratops, a duck-billed dinosaur and a unknown fos new
  • Royal Air Force is testing self-driving CARS: Autonomous vehicle capable of 60mph will deliver suppl new
  • Global sea levels are rising at an 'alarming rate' of 0.12 inches a YEAR thanks to melting ice - wit new
  • How humans lost their tails: New study isolates single genetic mutation responsible for loss of tail new
  • Coats at the ready! Autumn officially begins in the Northern Hemisphere TONIGHT when the sun will be new
  • Shark repellant device worth $500 which clips to surfboard and uses electric pulse to deter the ocea new
  • Facebook launches its first PORTABLE video-calling device: £199 Portal Go can be lifted from its cha 
  • Darwin's short-beak enigma is SOLVED: Scientists discover a gene linked to beak size in pigeons that 
  • NASA will pay $400m to private companies planning to build their own space stations as they prepare new
  • Elon Musk said SpaceX's next civilian flight will have an upgraded toilet because the first one had new
  • Amazon lobbies the government to federally legalize weed after the tech giant relaxes its drug testi 
  • The future of firefighting? Students transform a school chair into a manned DRONE that could allow e 
  • Scientists find enormous 'cavity' in space that stretches almost 500 light-years across - and they h new
  • Not so scary after all! T.Rex wagged its tail from side to side when running - similar to how humans new
  • World's earliest JEWELLERY is discovered: 150,000-year-old shell beads found in a Moroccan cave were new
  • Apple's VR headset is set to go on sale in fall of 2022 with estimated $2K price tag while Apple Gla new
  • Fancy a pizza? Order it with an EMOJI! Uber Eats customers can now use more than 30 different charac new
  • Vespa maker Piaggio launches adorable $1,850 Gitamini suitcase robot that uses radar and sensors to new

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