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CBS NEWS - SCIENCE update: 7.19 hours before, update period: 3.83 hours
  • Fauci says NFL 'sending a very strong signal' with COVID rules new
  • Why fully vaccinated people get breakthrough COVID infections new
  • Water risks may soon start to drain profits, companies report new
  • It's so hot in Dubai that the government is artificially creating rain 
  • July's full Buck moon rises this week — and it may appear red 
  • NASA shares epic image of moon's shadow during solar eclipse 
  • Western wildfires spreading smoke to Canada and New York 
  • Wildfires scorching the West Coast create nationwide air pollution 
  • Officials seize 15 giant land snails at Houston airport 
  • Mars rover set to collect first samples 
  • Men have a bigger carbon footprint than women, study finds 
  • Jeff Bezos says polluting industries can be moved to space 
  • Hubble captures colliding galaxies after monthlong hiatus 
  • Delta variant accounts for 83% of U.S. COVID cases, CDC says 
  • Sea snot choking Turkey's waters could be a warning to the world 
  • Tokyo Olympics: How to watch opening ceremony new
  • Dozens of COVID cases linked to Olympic Games in Tokyo new
  • Drug-resistant superbug fungus found in 2 U.S. cities, CDC says new
  • Other Republicans eyeing Capitol riot committee, Pelosi says new
  • 2 wounded in Washington, D.C., shooting near restaurants new
  • Plea deal for man who filmed Ashli Babbitt's death at Capitol new
  • House votes to allow more visas for Afghans who helped Americans new
  • Brace for higher stamp prices in August — and slower delivery new

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    Fox News -Science update: 2.86 hours before, update period: 5.00 hours
  • Chimpanzees are killing gorillas unprovoked for the first time: scientists new
  • NASA's Perseverance Mars rovers readies to begin sampling process new
  • When to view July's full buck moon new
  • Western wildfires: Why the sun looks red over eastern states this week 
  • NASA's Perseverance Mars rover begins hunt for signs of past life 
  • Florida good Samaritan uses dog leash to stop bleeding of biker attacked by alligator: report 
  • Hubble Space Telescope delivers first images since shutdown 
  • NASA's Mars Perseverance rover snaps shots of unique rock formation in 'ancient lakebed' 
  • Florida beaches see nearly 800 tons of dead fish, sea life wash ashore 
  • How Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin crew trained for historic spaceflight 
  • Before an asteroid wiped them out, dinosaurs were already in decline: study 
  • 'Dragon Man' claimed as potential new human species after analysis of China skull 
  • Alligator attacks, severely injures man who fell off bike at Florida park 
  • 'Glass octopus' sighted by marine scientists in Pacific Ocean 
  • US invests millions to breed more test monkeys in wake of COVID-19: report 
  • Heat wave in Pacific Northwest, Canada killed more than 1 billion sea creatures: researchers 
  • Just 7% of our DNA is unique to modern humans, study shows 
  • Prehistoric deer bone believed to be among world’s oldest pieces of art 
  • Elsa latest: Tropical storm warning issued for parts of Florida Keys 
  • Brood X cicadas are gone: When will they reemerge? 
  • RISING SMOKE: After 10.3M acres burned in US last year, West's 2021 fire season outlook uncertain 
  • Spacewalking astronauts boosting station's solar power 

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    Guardian - Science update: 2.36 hours before, update period: 3.83 hours
  • Enormous balloon could help astronomers get clear view of cosmos 
  • AI firm DeepMind puts database of the building blocks of life online new
  • Why does Jeff Bezos’s rocket look like that? An inquiry 
  • New device could help visually impaired avoid obstacles, research suggests new
  • Second dose has ‘sweet spot’ after eight weeks, UK scientists say new
  • Lockdowns do not harm health more than Covid, say researchers 
  • UK scientists back Covid boosters as study finds post-jab falls in antibodies 
  • Keep wearing masks to slow spread of Covid, scientists warn Britons 
  • US in ‘another pivotal moment’ as Delta variant drives surge in Covid cases new
  • Businesses that had no downturn from Covid crisis received $12.5bn jobkeeper windfall new
  • Coronavirus live: more than half of all European adults fully vaccinated – as it happened 
  • Sulphur-crested cockatoos learn to open wheelie bins in Sydney – video new
  • Witnessing England’s response to Covid at first hand has profoundly shocked me 
  • After Covid, the climate crisis will be the next thing the right says we ‘just have to live with’ 
  • Covid restrictions on women giving birth are causing heartbreak. We need to be more humane 
  • Why is Bezos flying to space? Because billionaires think Earth is a sinking ship 
  • Why are extreme weather events on the rise? (part one) – podcast new
  • What are the risks of England unlocking on 19 July? – podcast 
  • Covid-19: do we need to reframe the way we think about restrictions? - podcast 
  • Daniel M Davis: ‘Unbelievable things will come from biological advances’ 
  • Limited number of critical workers to be allowed to avoid self-isolation new
  • Covid jab uptake slows among young people in England, PHE says new
  • Did you solve it? Carl Friedrich Gauss, money saving expert 

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    Indipendent - Science update: 9.02 hours before, update period: 5.00 hours
  • Eight-week dose interval a ‘sweet spot’ for Pfizer vaccine new
  • Plan for new restrictions within weeks as Covid rates hit record new
  • Alpha variant spread quickly as Britons moved around before lockdown new
  • Woman infected with two different Covid variants ‘at the same time’ 
  • Beta variant to ‘fade away’ globally due to dominance of Delta 
  • Covid cases among people in 20s at highest-ever recorded level new
  • Gut contents of Iron Age ‘bog body’ hints man was ritually sacrificed new
  • Here are some things you may not know about food allergies 
  • What is hair made from and why does the funny bone get on our nerves? 
  • Do new-born babies come with bacteria or are they sterile? 
  • Government minister ‘shocked’ by lack of women serving on JCVI 
  • What is Monkey B virus and how dangerous is it? 
  • Novel coronavirus discovered in British bats 
  • Return of the Concorde? Supersonic travel for the 21st century 
  • High-risk children over 12 to get Covid jab – but no universal rollout 
  • New alpine moth species discovery helps solve 180-year-old mystery 
  • Is this Britain’s oldest intact home? 
  • Fitness tracking watches can detect long Covid effects, study finds 
  • Science: from rubbing an injury to how many cells in the human body 
  • We’ve solved the maths behind the cauliflower’s beautiful pattern 
  • UK megalab opens to process hundreds of thousands of Covid tests 
  • Glass octopus with transparent skin captured on camera in rare footage 
  • Scientists drop ‘offensive’ names of moth and ant species 

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    Science update: 3.19 hours before, update period: 5.00 hours
  • How scientists are subtracting race from medical risk calculators new
  • NASA’s Perseverance rover to drill first samples of martian rock 
  • When will COVID-19 vaccines be fully approved—and does it matter whether they are? 
  • Europe’s deadly floods leave scientists stunned 
  • Podcast: Blood tests for Alzheimer’s disease, and what earthquakes on Mars reveal about the Red Plan new
  • Australia’s cockatoos are masters of dumpster diving—and now they’re learning from each other new
  • New public database of AI-predicted protein structures could transform biology new
  • Astronomers spy possible moons in the making in a distant star system new
  • Blood tests could help screen anticipated flood of patients seeking new Alzheimer’s drug 
  • Europe's deadly floods leave scientists stunned new
  • Alzheimer's drug approval spotlights blood tests new
  • A few lucky researchers return to the field new
  • DNA plucked from air identifies nearby animals new
  • Event Horizon Telescope images second black hole's jets new
  • WHO chief pressures China on pandemic origin new
  • Watch what museums are doing to preserve precious plastics 
  • Your sweaty fingertips could help power the next generation of wearable electronics 
  • How ‘managed retreat’ can help communities facing sea-level rise 
  • Underwater robot may unearth climate mysteries 
  • This ancient beetle is the first new species discovered in fossilized poop 
  • These cauliflowerlike anemones snack on ants 
  • Mongoose mothers help their colonies thrive—by forgetting which pups are theirs 
  • Your body’s ‘hidden’ senses might help treat epilepsy, depression new

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    Natural News update: 3.19 hours before, update period: 3.00 hours
  • The tide is turning: 50 steps for survival and VICTORY new
  • Situation Update, July 22nd - The tide is turning: 50 steps for survival and VICTORY against the des new
  • Situation Update, July 21st - Collapse convergence: Floods, droughts, famine, biowar and debt bomb d 
  • Situation Update, July 20th - The 'Borgification' of humanity: Self-assembled magnetic nanostructure 
  • WISING UP: More than 1 out of 4 unvaccinated Americans believe experimental vaccines are more danger new
  • Anywhere pharma advertises, expect to be LIED TO about health and safety new
  • An inconvenient truth: Experimental covid injections are what’s driving the spread of “variants” new
  • Lockdowns cause more deaths than coronavirus itself new
  • Study: 2 in 3 Indians have natural immunity against coronavirus, meaning “herd immunity” is already new
  • Experts say there is little chance of COVID-19 transmission from school bus rides new
  • Research reveals alarming impact of air pollution and fine particulate matter (PM) on mental health new
  • Critical rail lines across Europe closing for “months” following biblical flooding new
  • Facebook steps up censorship: People can no longer have online conversations without potentially get new
  • Wikipedia’s co-founder says he no longer trusts the site he helped create new
  • Prepper food: How to make and use fruit powder new
  • 5 Reasons why motorcycles are the best bug out vehicles new
  • I’m not anti vax, I’m pro vax. But what if this experimental COVID shot is killing people? Don’t Ame new
  • Fox News hacks shill for experimental COVID-19 vaccines, defend Biden’s Facebook censorship demands, new
  • Senior FBI official took free gifts from media while Trump-Russia probe was underway, watchdog says new
  • America has been overthrown by an evil Satanic cult of tyrannical despots – History proves Americans new
  • Terror and abuse: Pfizer is using the corrupt AAP to push mask mandates on children until they’re al new
  • Alarming new study shows COVID lockdowns led to FIVE times more suicides among children than died of new
  • Author of study showing how mask-wearing harms children speaks out after it was retracted: “All poli new

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